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Sunrise Sports 3D Animated Sports Characters


Sunrise Sports - taking the game to new arenas.

Sunrise Sport Logo White
Sunrise Sport Logo

Sunrise Sports specializes in creating theatrical quality 3D animated characters and content for major global sports brands to attract future fans, supercharge audience engagement and create unique opportunities in licensing, merchandise and gaming.  We have worked with global brands including Juventus FC, South Africa Rugby and the England Rugby Football Union.



Attract future fans. Kids are drawn to characters and animated content years before they start engaging with specific sports or teams.  90% of all life-long loyalty decisions are made by age 9, which is why we focus on recruiting the fans of the future by framing our strategies around kids as tomorrow's champions. 

Superhero-supercharged engagement to drive multi-faceted participation with audiences across every possible media and communication platform.

Win the content game.  Sport is all about story, drama and narrative.  The core product that most sports organizations bring to market is entertainment content.  Sunrise brings a whole new range of content opportunities to our partners - from seasonal specials, to short social media clips to long running TV series and feature film.

Investing in an animated character doesn't just build the core brand, it creates new licensing and merchandising revenue streams for the future. That's why we build future-proof assets that deliver long-term value.

In a world of market noise and close-to 100% saturation, it's crucial to cut through the clutter with high-quality content that engages audiences in a meaningful and interactive way. We reach all ages, races, and cultures in multiple communities and geographies through the power of animation.

Sunrise Sports 3D animated sports characters
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England Rugby Logo
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Meet Bookie SA Rugby
Meet Bookie SA Rugby


Meet Bookie

Meet Jay Juventus football teams
Meet Jay Juventus football


Meet Jay

Meet Scorch WRU
Meet Scorch WRU


Meet Scorch

Meet ZAC Cricket South Africas
Meet ZAC Cricket South Africas

Cricket South Africa

Meet ZAC

Meet Sharkie The Sharks Rugby
Meet Sharkie


Meet Sharkie

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